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Problem Statement:

Traditionally a “face to face” process, the infrastructure supporting sales and distribution in insurance, pensions and investments is poorly equipped to leverage the opportunities presented by digital tools and techniques. With changes in customer expectations impacting end customers and B2B channels alike, this is now more than a missed opportunity but instead a prerequisite to doing business.


There are significant opportunities to improve customer experience and sales effectiveness through better leveraging the tools and technologies are already resident in most major firms. Layering on more advance tools and techniques from other industries to fill any remaining gaps, firms can build a digital distribution function able to meet these changing customer expectations.


Case Study


The distribution function at a major composite insurer was in the process of redesigning their operating model to position themselves for the future. They required assistance understanding the technology landscape and the opportunities to build a digital sales and distribution function fit for the future.


Informed by a survey of market practices in the UK & Europe, North America and AsiaPac, developed a technology framework that leveraged existing and new technologies to build the digital infrastructure for the future.


Delivery of a comprehensive review of leading market practice and a practical roadmap of activities to build towards a truly digitally enabled sales and distribution function.


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