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Our point of view

Problem Statement:

While strides have been made to address issues in the customer management infrastructures at pensions and investments firms, it has often been done to address specific problems (e.g. a new call centre package to address WFH requirements or different CRM systems for distribution and customer service) rather than considering end-to-end customer/user journeys. Rather than the wider issues, this, in many case it has exacerbated them.


While never a proponent of “ultra-detailed” design exercises in today’s fluid environment, there is a minimum that is required to avoid issues as the programme proceeds. In the context of customer management infrastructure we believe that includes your core customer management systems, your omnichannel contact package and your digital engagement solutions.


Case study


The firm was a pensions and investment organisation operating primarily through intermediated channels. The existing distribution and customer service infrastructure was highly manual and disjointed, leading to significant inefficiencies and the potential for operational risk/poor service.


Reviewed the current operating model/customer management infrastructure and developed an incremental approach to enhancing the architecture with an initial focus on the core customer management systems, omnichannel engagement and digital engagement solutions.


The holistic yet “minimum” viable architecture approach enabled the firm to begin to see tangible improvements in operations and customer services processes early whilst also allowing room to adapt to changing customer/user requirements.


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