Helping a pensions and investments firm get the most from their omnichannel package.


Our point of view

Problem Statement:

With a focus on the immediate burning platform firms often miss the longer-term implications of early design decisions. Coupled with break downs in communication and other project management processes, confidence in delivery can rapidly breakdown.


Rather than seeing the programme as “simply a replacement call centre package” it should be seen as in integral part of your overall customer management infrastructure. It is a key enabler for your customer service colleagues and often the key factor behind your customers having a great experience versus getting stuck on call queue and having a horrible experience.


Case study


The firm was a pensions and investments distributor that was in the midst of replacing its contact centre systems with a more holistic omnichannel package. The programme had run into issues and was failing to deliver against milestones or expected benefits.



Rapidly reviewed the programme using our programme assurance approach, which focuses on solution design and strategic alignment, governance and management, execution capabilities and track record and financial, commercial and contractual elements.


Identified a series of “no-regret” immediate actions as well as longer-term remediation options. As part this re-set the existing programme and initiated actions in the wider contact systems infrastructure to ensure the programme delivered to plan but also realised the benefits of the integrated customer.


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