Planning and executing in uncertainty

Many firms have struggled to plan and act in the face of the continuing uncertainty of the Covid 19 crisis and its wider social and economic impacts. This has been driven by a wide range of factors, from a perceived lack of tools and information to organisational inertia and outright fear. This inability to plan, and more importantly act puts firms at a significant strategic disadvantage, and in some cases could endanger their very survival.

This series explored the steps firms can take to drive more effective planning in light of the continuing uncertainty, and help ensure they are continuing to act to protect their businesses and take advantage of any opportunities that appear.

Building organisational agility

While the importance of organisational agility has been a much discussed topic by academics and management consultants for many years, the recent crisis has brought into sharp focus the importance of having a nimble and agile business model that is able to react to changing market conditions. Research and experience has found this agility is just as much cultural as it is a product of organisational structures.

This series explored the practical steps firms can take and are taking to build greater organisational agility.

Building financial resilience

The crisis has highlighted exposures many firms have to short and medium term economic and operational shocks, in spite of having otherwise viable business models. The crisis has also highlighted the key to weathering these storms is viewing financial resilience holistically, not just focusing on cost reduction or cash retention. At it’s heart it is ensuring the firm can continue to operate as a going concern regardless of the shocks it encounters.

This series explored the practical steps firms can take to build greater financial resilience in light of continuing economic and operational uncertainty.

The impact of COVID19 on sales and distribution

Insights into the implications for distribution in insurance and wealth management and guidance on how to evolve your adviser engagement and market participation.

Syndicated research designed around the needs of the participating firms. In depth discussions with key advisors and investors in major markets [UK, Europe, Canada and Australia].

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