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Problem Statement:

In times of uncertainty firms often delay key decisions due to insufficient information or a lack of understanding of the probabilities or potential impact of different horizon risks. Whist on the surface this appears a conservative approach, times of great uncertainty can accelerate change and the potential risks to businesses that are not prepared for possible outcomes.


A clear understanding of the financial and non-financial value drivers of your business and the levers you can pull to enable change is the first step in building clarity in uncertainty. Coupled with the rigorous monitoring of the market and competitors, firms can build a clearer more objective view of the path ahead. When combined with a modular view of programme planning it can provide significant improvements in a firms ability to plan and execute through uncertainty.


Case Study


The firm was facing a period of political and regulatory uncertainty while also experiencing significant changes in customer expectations / buying behaviours. While goals were clear, the strategy to reach them was not.


Built around a clear understanding of the firms value drivers, they formalised the method for monitoring their market and competitors and the relative impact on performance. Using this background the firm built a series of scenarios to track changing market conditions and plan “no regrets” actions to prepare for the future.


The firm was able to enact a series of “no regrets” tactical actions leading to immediate performance improvement while also investing in longer term infrastructure improvements in key areas leading to greater organisational agility.

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