Hybrid working – Risks and opportunities

While the crisis has highlighted the immediate possibilities of a distributed workforce, few firms have explored the longer term strategic and operational risks and opportunities this operating model present.

This series will explore both the strategic and practical operational risks and issues this new way of working present. It will also highlight the steps firms can take to mitigate the risks of the hybrid operating model whilst maintaining the flexibility it creates.

Distribution and supply chain resilience

The global network of ever more tightly connected and closely managed supply chains and distribution networks have changed global industry dramatically but, the recent crisis has exposed a number of risks such a tightly connected network present.

This series will explore the steps firms can take to build greater adaptability, agility and resilience into their supply chains and distribution networks to ensure trade continues regardless of the shock.

Global relationships – The future of trade

Even before the global pandemic, geopolitical and demographic forces were working to upset the long established model for global trade. Restrictions brought in during the crisis and shifts in the economic balance of power have only served to accelerate that change.

This series will explore the implications of this shift in global trade and the range of possible futures as we emerge from the pandemic. It will highlight how firms can prepare for and adapt to this range of possible futures.

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