Custom research and insight

Gain competitive advantage by staying informed on trends and being alert to new opportunities.

In a rapidly evolving digital world, agility and knowledge is key to maintaining a competitive edge. Hesmur will dig deep to uncover current trends and cast the spotlight on the right opportunities for your financial services business. Our assistence will equip you with insight and knowledge that will ensure you make the right decisions and focus resources where they will drive the best ROI.

The power of research and insight

Rising customer demands and an ever-changing digital world means never has it been more important for financial service providers to keep their finger on the pulse.

Deliver timely and effective decision making

Know the right next moves with custom research and powerful data-driven insights.

Hesmur delivers bespoke and syndicated research and insights that can give your financial services organisation the power to make the right decisions at the right time. With tangible and extensive industry expertise we deliver strategic insight that places you in control of the right next move. From understanding your customers and their behaviours on a deeper level, to transformation and innovation insights that will strengthen your competitive advantage, we can offer strategic guidance that will deliver meaningful change across your organization.

Our research services

Customer Insight

Today’s digital world presents limitless opportunities for financial service providers to better serve their customers. If you have large volumes of customer data but do little to leverage its value, Hesmur can help you uncover powerul insights. 

Digital innovation insights

Keep pace in a fast-moving world with the latest digital innovation insights. Hesmur will ensure you have your finger on the pulse when it comes to emerging trends and technology.

Strategic Insight

In a dynamic world you need a winning strategy that delivers value and growth. Hesmur help financial service providers define and execute effective strategies.

About Hesmur

With Hesmur you’re working with a consultancy that is experience-led and results-driven, a partner that understands your world and the challenges you face.


A wealth of knowledge gained across the financial services sector offers us a deep understanding of your world and the challenges you face.

Results focused

Digital delivery and a focus on measurable change ensures your digital transformation journey is driving value and growth.

Rapid deployment

Using data-driven tools and accelerators we facilitate timely and effective change.

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Contact the Hesmur team to discuss your digital transformation journey.

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