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Problem Statement:

The crisis has amplified a number of the existing issues in the sales and distribution value chain in life and pensions. Highly manual processes, unaligned compensation structures, ingrained behaviours and poor performance management tools have left significant room for improvement.


Changes in customer behaviour brought on by the Covid 19 crisis present a significant opportunity to accelerate change across sales and distribution functions. With the expectation of prolonged uncertainty and the likelihood of customer behaviour changes continuing after the crisis, those that do not take the opportunity to change now, may not have the opportunity to afterwards.


Case Study


The firm was a life and pensions provider with a traditional IFA distribution capability. Whist historically effective, processes were highly manual and ingrained behaviours favoured face to face interactions. The COVID 19 crisis exacerbated these issues and the firm had difficulty adapting to the new paradigm.


Performed a comprehensive analysis of the sales and distribution value chain and prioritised areas for improvement across the strategy and philosophy, proposition, capabilities and infrastructure.


Delivery of an incremental roadmap of improvements across the function reducing costs and improving effectiveness.

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