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Problem Statement:

With changing objectives, market landscapes, leadership teams and programme resources, it is not uncommon for major change programmes to lose connection with their original goals. Whether this results in spiralling budgets or a failure to deliver the required change, the impact can be significant.. And executive teams often aren’t aware they are in trouble until it is too late.


A clear articulation ( and periodic retesting) of the programme goals and success metrics coupled with an ongoing understanding of the critical path is key to preventing programmes from going off the rails and also recovering them when they have. In both waterfall and agile delivery environments this rigour is critical in ensuring a return on investment.


Case study


The firm was in the midst of launching a new business unit and had failed to consider significant regulatory requirements due to be implemented in the upcoming months.


Rapid assessment of both the regulatory requirements and programme objectives / plan in order to develop the critical path to regulatory compliance and the continuing launch of the new business unit. A “fintech” first / modular approach was adopted to accelerate the development of the ultimate solution.


With only ~5 months from assessment to the compliance deadline, the firm was able to launch the new infrastructure ahead of the deadline and continued the successful launch of the new business unit.

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