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Problem Statement:

With disparate legacy platforms and organisational barriers firms are struggling to access their inherent data assets. Not only does this present issues using the data, but also present significant cost and operational risk challenges.


A clear vision coupled with an agile development approach can unlock real business benefit with out the issues usually associated with large scale data programmes. This can be applied to both analytics use cases as well as improving the overall integrity of the data environment.


Case Study


Poor data quality, low cross sale penetration, little understanding of customer behaviour.


Launched a programme to deliver on the immediate priorities, build momentum and develop the requirements for building the longer term infrastructure.


The initial work delivered a number of immediate benefits including; identifying customer lapse drivers and significantly improving persistency, improving risk pricing enabling more competitive structuring and wholesale improvements in data quality across the existing reporting. The longer term programme delivered the single view of customer and the foundations for the ongoing data transformation.


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